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Re-Enter The Xeno!

I've resumed full time dev on Xeno. The tragic thing is it was much more advanced than it is now. it has deferred shaders, animations, assimp import. but i lost it all lol :)

So work has resumed using the ctp 2 has the baseline.

But the good news? It is integerating my Quantum RPG toolkit. so now the xeno ide will be the ideal cheap way to make incredible rpgs of your dreams :)

It will not be template based, but will be gui based. all done using winforms with some snazzy custom controls.


So stay tuned. Just to avoid confusion, this was wrote on the 4th of the 1st of 2011. This is not an old post. well it will be in the future, but this is the present. stop getting tempoeral on me!

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