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Simply copy the XenoEngine.dll and all win32 dlls from the bin folder of the XenoEngine project into your project folder, then add a reference for the XenoEngine Dll. Then add,

using Xeno.Core;
using Xeno.Maths;
using Xeno.Physics;
using Xeno.Xui;
using Xeno.Filter;

Then you're set to go.

-Xeno3D - IDE

Usage is very similar in some respects to unity 3d, in that it employs a scenegraph/module system. modules = components in unity termonology. There are pretty big differences once you begin using of course.
You can play about with physics in the ide directly, atm, it's always on but soon i will add seperate edit and game modes(for preview)

Game's will utilize a standard player, which will read .game files that contain all scripts/audio/models. no hundreds of files, no message messing about with ini files. just install the player, then double click any .game file to run the game.

That's the plan anyway :)

As of now the ide isn't uploaded check back later tonight.

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AntonyWells Apr 22, 2010 at 11:47 PM 

XenoGame will be a high level game framework that uses Xeno Engine internally to make game making even more fast and flexible compared to normal dev. it will also serve as my introduction to the free masons hereby granting me diplomatic immunity and ability to dispatch my foes without fear of legal entanglement.

So yeah watch out foes, the diplomat is coming!! :) lol