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--( Update 4 : The physics got physical but we beat it )

In a way... I had to wrap physx myself, but now physics are working. the physx wrapper i did is very diff than others, drastically simplying the code needed to get physics up and running.
Not that, that matters to end users of Xeno3D, as physics is handled internally by the engine, you just attach a rigid body module, and a collider of your choice module and viola.

there is also a PhysicsManager module but this is created automatically by the engine at start up.

Will do a commit later tonight with the new physics stuff. you will need vc++ express 2008 to build the XenoPhysx wrapper. it's very simple/easy to follow code so quite easy to wrap any parts of physx i do not yet cover.

of course you will also then need to write some code for Xeno3D it's self to support it. Be srue to commit your improvements if and when you do! :)

---( Update 3 )

CTP 1 has been released. It is basically a snapshot of rv01 of the svn. The code has already progressed beyond this on my pc, but a change of physics lib is coming.
No need to change demo code, however, the change will be purely internal. the interface will be 100% the same. probably :)

Remember if you want a quick way to get the engine source code as well, just click on source code up stairs(lol) and then click on download source. nice feature :)

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